One Day Only Sale!

Hey everyone! In honor of my birthday, I'm giving away The Salamander Prince for Free! This deal is only available today, August 24th!  (Truth be told, my birthday was yesterday, but I was late setting up the sale.  Sorry.) I did the same thing last year as well and I'm doing it again this year. … Continue reading One Day Only Sale!


RFT 5 Update!

Hey guys! I've been hard at work writing the fifth installment in the Refurbished Fairy Tales series and I am so excited to say that... I finished the first draft! It is at 63,333 words right now and will probably expand by the time I'm done.  Now, I still have to go through the editing … Continue reading RFT 5 Update!

Closed Doors and Broken Mirrors is LIVE!

Hey all!  Thanks for all your patience.  As of late last night, Closed Doors and Broken Mirrors went Live on Amazon.  So, if you're looking for something to read this weekend, I've got the book for you!  😉 Also, as incentive to post reviews, I will be posting free short stories!  Every 5 reviews, no matter their … Continue reading Closed Doors and Broken Mirrors is LIVE!